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Aluminum Oxide fine powder 220 Grit for Glass etching

Aluminum Oxide fine powder 220 Grit for Glass etching

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Pure Organic Ingredients Aluminum Oxide Powder, 220 grit, Great for Etching & Polishing Metal, Glass, Stone, & Wood. Also Use to Sharpen Knives.



  1. 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale
  2. 220 Grit for Fast Cutting
  3. Fine Brown Powder
  4. Non-hazardous
  5. Reusable



  1. Use in Air Erasure or Sand Blasting Equipment to etch metal, glass, stone, or wood.
  2. Create a Paste to Polish Metal, Glass, Stone, Wood, Rocks, or Fossils.
  3. Spread on a Strop to Sharpen Knives.


Recommended Use:

Air Erasure or Sand Blaster: Use according to the directions for your equipment.

Polishing Paste: Mix powder with water until you achieve the desired thickness. Spread on surface. Use a soft cloth or polishing pad and polish away the paste. Wash with water. Repeat as needed.



Pure Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)


Additional Product Information:

If used in a blasting cabinet, it can be collected and reused. For optimal quality, we recommend replacing Pure Organic Ingredients Aluminum Oxide Powder after 7 uses.


Warning: Irritant. We recommend wearing protective clothing, eye wear, and face mask, especially while using with blasting equipment.


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