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Bergamot Pure Essential Oil 15 ml

Bergamot Pure Essential Oil 15 ml

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Bergamot Oil is extracted from the peel of a citrus plant and used for an array of medicinal remedies. The fresh-citrus, spicy, and slight-floral aroma increases mental alertness, decreases anxiety, and protects against lice and parasites.

Aromatherapy: Place 1-2 drops in palms of hands or in a diffuser and inhale to ease anxiety, alter mood, and experience calmness.

Food Safe: Commonly used to give foods a citrus flavor. Our favorites include adding a small amount to gelatin or pudding.

Create: Add a Citrus Scent to Your Homemade Perfumes, Creams, Lotions, and Soaps.

COLLECTION METHOD: Cold Pressed/Expressed
CONVENIENT: This oil comes in a 15 mL amber glass essential oil bottle with dropper cap.

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