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Pure Organic Ingredients Maltodextrin is a Gluten-Free, Vegan Powder. It is a thickening agent that can be used in a variety of foods.


  1. No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Acesulfame-K
  2. Natural and Easily Digested by the Body
  3. Highest, Purest Quality Available
  4. Helps Body Absorb Protein
  5. Gluten free
  6. Vegan


Can Be Used In:

Canned Goods, Gelatin, Sports Drinks, Peanut butter, Desserts, Candy, Soda, Brewing, Sauces, And More!


Recommended Uses:

For Shakes and Smoothies: Add approximately 1 rounded tablespoon.

For Cooking: Use as directed by recipe.

Ingredients: Pure and natural maltodextrin.

Additional Information: 2-Year Shelf Life--Vegan, Kosher, Halal.

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