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Soy Flour

Soy Flour

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Soy Flour By Pure Organic Ingredients 1 lb Contains Complete Amino Acids To Provide a Full Protein and Lower Calorie Flour. Use In Baking, Frying, And Thickening Soups or Sauces. Easy Egg-Replacement.

i. A Complete Protein
ii. Full Essential Amino Acids Required For Healthy Diet
iii. Higher Protein and Lower Calorie Than Other Flours
iv. Baking: Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Breads
v. Frying: Breaded Chicken or Tofu
vi. Thickening: Sauces and Soups
vii. Easy Egg Substitute

Application: In baking recipes, replace up to 30% of called-for flour with Pure Organic Ingredients Soy Flour. To replace an egg in baked goods, combine 1 heaping Tbsp of Soy flour + 2 Tbsp of Water = 1 egg. Lightly beat with a fork before mixing with other ingredients. Substitute up to 2 eggs per recipe with this method. Do not substituent soy flour and "soy eggs" in same recipe.

Recommended Use: Soy Flour browns faster than other flours, reduce heat by 25°F.

Ingredients:  Defatted soy flour.

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